Like any corporation, an association must have a fixed address for its head office. The head office cannot be a simple postbox.

The official address of the association must be declared when notifying the prefecture of its creation. Ascot Dom’ offers associations (Being created or already existing) a registration service which allows them to have an official, fixed address that is easily identifiable at a local level. It is important to note that with this option, your association avoids the expensive administrative costs associated with official address changes each time one of its executive members moves house.

Associations will also benefit from the services offered by Ascot Dom’

Ascot Dom’ must maintain for each registered association, a dossier containing the following documents :

  • Statement to the Prefecture
  • Minutes of the constitutional assembly
  • Company statutes
  • Declaration of the Official Journal
  • Proof of Identification (ID, passport) of the President of the association with the names of committee members